1. Tiptoeing

Pizzicato track that’s light and mischievous.

Keywords: light, fun, playful, pets, cheeky

2. Bright Strings

An elegant, sophisticated piece of music featuring harp and piano.

Keywords: advertising music, corporate music, strings, piano, pizzicato, elegant, sophisticated
3. Fiver

A lively Jazz piece in 5/4 time with sax and piano lead and an optional pizzicato lift.

Keywords: jazz, corporate music, advertising music, saxophone, piano, smooth

4. Digital Life

Arpeggiated analogue sounds give an industrial feel. Supported by piano chords and analogue pad.

Keywords: industrial, work, technical, conveyerbelt

5. Hire Car

A fun, comedy style piece with honkey tonk piano and pizzicato.

Keywords: comedy, playful, advertising, fun, honkey tonk, energetic

6. Lively

A lively and cheerful piece with piano, acoustic guitar, harp and drums.

Keywords: light, fun, cheerful, bouncy

7. Andantino in G Major
Elegant, mid-tempo balletic piece featuring strings and piano.

Keywords: classical, ballet, reserved, elegant, sophisticated, refined

8. Spring To Life

A delicate, uplifting piece that starts with piano and gradually builds with orchestral instruments.

Keywords: delicate, spring, awakening, light, airy

9. Battement Tendu In E Flat Major

A lively piece with piano and pizzicato strings, featuring alternating flute and french horn melodies.

Keywords: classical, ballet, light, fun, playful, nature, countryside

10. Preparation For Pirouette in E Major
A tiptoeing intro with flowing piano and oboe mid section.

Keywords: classical, ballet, cheeky, playful, nature, tiptoe, cautious, intrigued